Classic Lenses Podcast: #58 The Hong Kong Scene With Perry Ge

I made my podcast debut today as a guest on the Classic Lenses Podcast! If you're at all interested in classic lenses, or hearing me and the guys ramble for 2 hours about my not-so-secret obsession, check it out. Thanks to Simon and Johnny (and Karl in abstentia) for having me on! If you enjoyed the episode, feel free to subscribe and join the Photography with Classic Lenses Facebook group.


Episode description: #58 The Hong Kong Scene With Perry Ge
March 4th, 2019

Karl is "working" again this week, but fear not, Simon & Johnny are joined by Hong Kong classic lens photographer, Perry Ge. Get the lowdown on lens dealers that don't want to sell you anything and offer advice instead. A hugely varied podcast this week with discussions covering Dallmeyer, Frankenstax, Hasselblad Xpan, Fan Ho and snoring on a podcast...

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